At Summit Expedited Logistics, we treat our carriers like customers. With backhauls that take carriers from where they are to where their equipment needs to be, we minimize deadhead miles and help our suppliers earn maximum return on investments. We also offer a variety of payments options including QuickPay and net 30 – providing payment two weeks faster than the industry standard.


Summit Expedited Logistics supports our carriers with multiple communication channels, including access to 24/7/365 on-call staff and our innovative Delivery Tracking System technology. Featuring anytime, anywhere web portal access and online dispatch, this technology allows carriers to easily manage all regulatory documents, view and update open orders, provide status updates, monitor accounts and even assign themselves available loads.


SEL’s carrier process is quick and easy for qualified carriers. After meeting minimum standards and other basic requirements, preferred SEL partners have the ability to view available freight and self-assign themselves to open loads. For many carriers, activation in the SEL network can be accomplished in approximately thirty minutes.